[Image above] Credit: Reactions; YouTube

Lithium-ion batteries are indispensable for today’s tech—they provide power to our favorite smartphones, cars, wearable tech, laptops, and much more.

While researchers continue to push the technology behind other types of batteries further, lithium-ions still have a steady hold on today’s battery market.

But lithium-ions don’t come without problems—just ask Samsung. The electronics giant has been dealing with a recent public relations nightmare over a propensity for the lithium-ions in its new Galaxy Note 7 to explode.

BBC reports that there are 35 reported cases of flaming Galaxy Note 7s amidst a total of 2.5 million worldwide sales. While that’s a small fraction (0.0014%), the normal rate of lithium-ion failure is around just one battery in 10 million (0.00001%), according to an article on CNN Money.

But why do lithium-ions explode at all?

A new Reactions video from the American Chemical Society has the answers, in addition to three hacks to keep lithium-ions lasting longer.

So whether you’re anticipating shipment of your new iPhone 7 or texting on another favorite smartphone flavor, here’s the science behind lithium-ions and how to keep them going stronger, longer—and prevent untimely explosions.

Credit: Reactions; YouTube