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Video: Nissan unveils new zero-emission, high-performance concept car


[Image above] Nissan’s latest zero-emission, high-performance concept vehicle, the BladeGlider. Credit: Tech Insider; YouTube

Cars are getting smarter and more fuel efficient every year as industrialized countries make strides to reduce their carbon footprint.

Last year, Mercedes-Benz released its vision of a concept car that harvests sunlight with its paint for added fuel efficiency and is equipped with both an electric motor and turbocharged, hydrogen-powered combustion engine.

Some automakers are setting their sights on developing fuel cell vehicles, which have been shown to refuel faster and are more similar to conventional combustion engine vehicles. And still other companies are putting the pedal to the metal on developing more sophisticated electric vehicles.   

Whatever the route, ‘green’ is key when it comes to automobiles of the future—and with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency developing new, stringent standards to reduce emissions, more options for energy efficient solutions for cars are non-negotiable.

Keeping fuel efficiency paramount, automotive manufacturer Nissan recently unveiled its latest concept car—the BladeGlider vehicle, which “combines zero emissions with high-performance in a revolutionary sports car design,” according to a Nissan press release.

The BladeGlider prototype is the latest innovation in Nissan’s continued commitment to develop zero-emission vehicles that feature new automotive technologies like autonomous drive systems and connectivity. Nissan currently sells the world’s highest volume zero-emission car, the LEAF.

The BladeGlider’s near silent performance of its electric powertrain and ultra-thin, aerodynamic shape took two years of design, engineering, and development to bring to fruition. The car runs 100% on electricity—power is supplied by a high-performance, five module lithium-ion 220 kW battery. Nissan developed custom cooling systems for both the battery and motors. 

And this car can really move—when put to the test, maximum speed of the demonstration models exceeded 190 km/h, with 0–100 km/h in less than five seconds, according to the release.

Check out the BladeGlider in action in this video from Tech Insider!

Credit: Tech Insider; YouTube