Momma, forget the ginsu. This week’s video examines outstanding durability and sharpness of a line of ceramic knives developed by Kyocera. Incredibly sharp, chemically inert and resilient to dulling, these blades are somewhat pricey but are being adopted by professional chefs despite some hesitations about whether the blades will chip.

This really isn’t surprising since advanced ceramic materials can be formed that are second only to diamond in hardness. Regarding the chips, Kyocera offers an incredibly cheap resharpening service ($10) but also notes:

Ceramic starts out sharper–and stays sharper–longer. In time, you may notice micro nicks on the blade’s edge. This is the normal process by which any hard material blade will dull. The existence of microchips does not necessarily mean the knife is dull. You will find that it performs well for quite some time.

And, subsequently I have learned of a blog that is dedicated to ceramic knives. How sharp is that?