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September 17th, 2010

Video of the week: Ceramic spinel transparent armor

Published on September 17th, 2010 | By: pwray@ceramics.org

Pretty tough stuff! This clear armor is made by South Carolina-based ArmorLine Corp, which describes this as a spinel transparent ceramic. The ArmorLine rep in the video says the plates are one-half the thickness and one-half the weight of conventional, laminated “bullet-proof glass” with similar projectile-stopping power. On its web page, the company says it is building “the world’s largest manufacturing facility dedicated exclusively to the development, scale-up, and high-volume production of transparent spinel ceramic materials”

Adding some info from one of our readers … “Wanted to give some background the on-line tech update on transparent spinel. In the late 1960s. Prof. Hayne Palmour III and his colleagues at N. C. State University with assist from Kodak made transparent spinel on a R&D contract from either the Air Force or the Army (probably the Army as I recall helicopter windows was the aim). The spinel powders were derived from sulfate precursors that resulted in transparent purple spinel.” This reader was one of Palmour’s students.


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2 Responses to Video of the week: Ceramic spinel transparent armor

  1. el-hayil co. ltd says:

    Wish to get in touch with the manufacturer for possible business
    M. Eliyahu

  2. curt zimmer says:

    I was with Hayne in the 60s and involved with others in hot pressing and sintering transparent spinel.. This was a goal, but distant because of scale-up and costs. Glad to see it came to be and hope it is economical to military and other purposes.

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