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Video of the week: Faber introduces plenary speakers for ICC4

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We’ve been telling you about the upcoming 4th International Congress on Ceramics in Chicago and the exciting program that has been organized. One gauge of how a meeting is shaping up is to see who else is going, and some of the first to commit are always the keynote and plenary speakers. The ICC4 team has invited an impressive line-up of speakers, who will share a breadth of perspectives from their vantage points in industry, government and business.

But, don’t take my word for it. Katherine Faber, president of ICC4, sat down with us to talk about the meeting, and in this video, she introduces us to the keynote speaker, Maxine Savitz, and a few of the other plenary speakers.

The plenary talks are scheduled for Monday-Thursday and the speakers include top brass from Corning, Samsung Electro-Mechanics, Boeing, Murata Manufacturing, Morgan Crucible, Dow Chemical, Aristotle University and Missouri S&T. On Thursday, Michael Holman,research director at Lux Research will provide some context for the entire meeting with his talk, “New Materials Opportunities from Emerging Technology.”

The word plenary comes from the late Latin plenariuscomplete,’ which comes from plenusfull.’ This field of speakers appears to be plenarius and is sure to attract a plenus audience.