Corning’s director of commercial technology, Paul Tompkins, was recently interviewed at the Future of Touch & Interactivity Conference, May 27 in Seattle, Wash. At the conference, Tompkins presented glass as a design material for electronic devices such as LCD televisions, cell phones and computer monitors.

As I recently reported, Corning has been working on flexible glass for use in electronic applications. In this video, Tompkins discusses future applications for Corning: thinner, larger sheets of Eagle and Gorilla Glass for televisions, pico projectors with green lasers and touch screen walls. Corning’s focus in on increasing the functionality of the glass without increasing thickness.

This video highlights some of Corning’s advancements with Gorilla Glass, Eagle Glass and green lasers.

Vice president of Corning, David Morse, will also be discussing these innovative breakthroughs at the upcoming Ceramic Leadership Summit in Baltimore, Md., June 21-22.

Length: 15 min.

Note, if the above video stream is slow, it is also available in two parts from YouTube:  Part 1 Part 2