MS&T’09’s Opening Session featured a panel of speakers actively working in renewable energy. The panelists – who included MIT professor and A123 Systems cofounder Yet-Ming Chiang, past ACerS president and Savannah River National Lab associate director John Marra and Solar Power Industries’ Gregory Hildeman – spoke on the topic of “New Energy Opportunities for Materials Science and Engineering.”

Chiang (batteries), Marra (nuclear) and Hildeman (solar) were selected based on their particular expertise and standing within their specific sciences. Al Romig, COO of the Sandia National Lab, moderated the discussion and Q&A period. It should be noted that Ray Kenard, representing wind power, was supposed to be part of the panel but was unable to attend.

After Chiang, Hildeman and Marra make their presentations, the panelists took questions from the audience. I had to make a tape change at the start of the Q&A section; consequently, the first question – “Is there any danger of a shortage of lithium?” is missing, but the answer from Chiang is not.

42 minutes.