Apropos of this week’s event in the U.S., this week’s video is based on what’s been called “the best class at Berkeley.” It is taught by Richard Muller, and the approximately one-hour lecture and half-hour Q&A is sponsored by Univ. of California, Berkeley’s Friends of Science. Muller is a professor at Cal where he specializes in particle physics and cosmology. He is a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Foundation award and is the author of a recently updated book on the same theme as this lecture, “Physics for Future Presidents.”

Muller argues that the next president can’t afford to be ignorant about the science behind terrorism, nuclear dangers, energy, space, and global warming. He discusses what it takes to survive in today’s increasingly dangerous world – information essential to the next commander-in-chief. He presented his talk Oct. 13, 2008.

Thanks goes to the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab for bringing this to our attention.

P.S., Muller’s full-length course is available free online.