Every year, the Materials Science and Engineering Lab receives more than 50 applications for National Research CouncilNIST postdoctoral fellowships. Out of this pool of applicants, there are 10 to 15 successful appointments.

MSEL programs are significantly enriched by the fresh ideas and talent brought by NRC postdocs. In turn, the postdocs enjoy close interactions with a broad range of experienced researchers and access to world class equipment and resources. MSEL has nearly 200 postdoctoral research opportunities that span the materials spectrum, from metals and semiconductors to polymers and biomaterials. These include exciting opportunities in materials measurements for applications in electronics, energy, health care, nanotechnology, physical infrastructure and manufacturing.

This video gives a brief account the MSEL postdoc experience, from the perspective of actual NRC postdocs. To learn more about NRC postdoctoral opportunities in MSEL by clicking here.