Vanku’s Tiger Stone machine

Via, Gizmag and Gizmodo, I found this video of this Dutch-made brick paving machine. I wouldn’t go so far as Gizmodo does in describing this as a “machine that can print cobblestone roads,” but I get the analogy and agree that it is ingenious. (My apologies about the background music!)

The manufacturer, Vanku says versions of its “Tiger Stone” machine are available in four-, five- and six-meter widths (prices range from €60,000-€80,000) and can pave at least 300 square meters per day using 2 operator/feeders.

Although I can’t find any particulars about what kind of roadbed preparation is required, the Tiger Stones move on electrically powered treads.

I have no sense of the market for brick-paved roads in the U.S. and elsewhere, but this level of automation would seem to be ideal for homeowners looking for alternatives to asphalt and concrete. Heretofore, homeowners who want a brick paver driveway (I am one) would have had to be willing to pay a substantial premium compared to other choices.

Tiger Stone isn’t the only approach to automating paving work. See this other system, for example: