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Videos of the week – LED lighting without cords

Today’s videos are variations on the same theme – LED light bulbs that operate without an electrical connection.

The video above features the N100 bulb from a new Hong Kong company, Nokero. The N100 claims to be the only solar-powered LED light bulb. It is supposed to be a rugged unit unaffected by wind, rain, etc. and about the size of a typical light bulb. What’s unique is that the N100’s five internal LEDs are powered by a NiMH battery charged by four small built-in photovoltaic panels. Left in the daylight, Nokero claims the N100 will provide light for about two hours. Fully charged batteries can double that number. No brightness measures are offered. Nokero claims to be striving to keep the price of the N100 low so that it can be targeted at developing nations and regions that lack substantial electrical infrastructure, and used as an alternative to kerosene lanterns (thus the company’s name “No-Kero”).

Priced at $15 per bulb (bulk discounts available), the N100 is cheaper than the conceptually similar Plus Minus’s Solar Pebble, a product that is supposed to debut later this month in Uganda at around $46. The Solar Pebble is also targeted at being a substitute for kerosene lamps.

Finally, there is Lite-On IT’s LED Mobile Lamp (below). Like the N100, Mobil Lamp is shaped like a standard bulb and also contains batteries. Lite-On IT says a fully charged Mobile Lamp should provide light for two hours. Although the product has been demonstrated in several shows, it is not supposed to hit the retail market until 2011.