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Volvo electric

At the Paris Motor Show last month, Volvo announced that their C30 electric model was ready for delivery. And they’ve added some features, like a hydrogen fuel cell range extender, that will put this car above and beyond the rest.

Currently this model can be found on Sweden’s roads, where Volvo plans leased 90 cars to track how the vehicle manages the rigors of everyday use. This refinement, Volvo chief executive officer Stefan Jacoboy says, will lead to a product that, “sets the standard in the industry.” With this information, the cars were tweaked as needed. The full launch is expected in 2013.

Volvo also announced that the company is prototyping a hydrogen fuel cell range extender for its C30 electric. The company plans to have two working prototypes that use fuel cell technology to extend the range of its battery-powered C30. These prototypes are being developed with assistance from Powercell Sweden AB. Volvo anticipates that the fuel cell unit will provide the C30 with at least 155 miles of additional range.

Volvo first presented a drivable electric C30 prototype in September 2009, which we introduced here. The newest design includes lithium-ion battery, and no gears. Top speed is estimated by Volvo at 81 mph, with acceleration from 0-60 mph in under 11 seconds. The all-electric range will be up to 93 miles. A completely depleted battery takes about eight hours to recharge.

This crash test (briefly shown in the video above) shows battery location under the car, marked in green, and how the car withstands a 30 mph head on collision. It’s amazing to watch – the battery barely budges at all.