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The June/July 2018 issue of the ACerS Bulletin is now available online.

The new issue takes a deep dive into the extraordinary properties of ancient Roman concretes. Authors Marie D. Jackson, John P. Oleson, Juhyuk Moon, Yi Zhang, Heng Chen, and Magnus T. Gudmundsson examine the unique characteristics of these concrete materials which have survived for thousands of years. The past lessons of their microstructures and properties can provide insights for developing more durable and environmentally-friendly cementitious materials for not only today’s needs, but for the future. Check out the beautiful photos of some of the old Roman concrete structures!

The June/July issue also happens to be our annual student issue. Member engagement manager and ACerS student liaison Yolanda Natividad reports on the Material Advantage Student Program’s Congressional Visits Day, where students traveled to Washington D.C. to talk to congressional decision makers about the importance of maintaining funding for basic science, engineering, and technology. The student section also features perspectives from several students focusing on their research, ideas, and viewpoints.

Did you make it to Ceramics Expo 2018 this year? You’ll find the complete recap and photos on page 42, including highlights from director of marketing and communications and ACerS Bulletin editor Eileen De Guire’s keynote address. De Guire’s keynote officially kicked off Ceramics Expo 2018 with a discussion about the advanced ceramic and glass industry, challenges for research and manufacturing, and future growth opportunities.

Plus, in keeping with the cements theme, the Business and Market View column on page 8 provides an overview of the global supplementary cementitious materials market—its value, market growth, and future market predictions.

You’ll find a lot more interesting content inside this—and every issue—of the ACerS Bulletin. The current issue is free to all for a short time, but remember that all the valuable content in over ninety years of past issues of the ACerS Bulletin is free only to members—so considering joining us today!

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