The Global Young Investigators Forum (GYIF) aims to bring together young researchers from around the world by facilitating scientific discussions to promote the exchange of ideas essential to identifying emerging global challenges at the forefront of ceramic science and engineering research. Young researchers, including students, postdoctoral researchers, young professionals, and early career faculty are invited to join this event. The GYIF symposium provides a platform to help establish global cooperation and networking among young scientists and engineers to approach current and future challenges in ceramic science and technology as well as provide GYIF participants a unique forum at which to showcase their research.

A poster session section is also dedicated to the GYIF.  The Global Young Investigator Award laureate will deliver the opening keynote lecture.

Proposed Session Topics
    • Frontiers in ceramic chemistry and physics: new precursors for functional ceramics, ceramics and catalysis, functional surfaces
    • Advanced ceramics and coatings for structural, environmental and functional applications
    • Novel ceramic processing methods and synthesis routes
    • Non-destructive testing for investigation of ceramics and composites
    • Computational materials prediction and design
    • Novel characterization tools of ceramics and composites
    • Advanced and nanostructured materials: ceramic sensors and actuators, energy generation, saving and storage, photo-catalysis and biomedical applications
    • Careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM)
    • The art of failing: strategies for young or future professionals to overcome difficult periods in their careers
Symposium Organizers
      • Daniele Benetti, Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada
      • Manoj Mahapatra, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA
      • Giorgia Franchin, University of Padova, Italy
      • Matthew P. Appleby, NASA Glenn Research Center, USA
      • Rebekah Webster, University of Virginia, USA
      • Andrew Rosenberger, US Army Research Laboratory, USA
      • Wei Ji, Wuhan University of Technology, China
Points of Contact