Currently applications utilizing Internet of Things (IoT) along with wearable electronics are the most important venues for the More than Moore technologies. Particular interests are wireless and autonomous devices. Each active device requires electrical power for sensing, transduction, data processing and transmission, and actuation. Green energy technologies including both harvesting and storage will be inevitable parts of the IoT hardware in the future. For a successful and practical integration, energy harvesters, energy storage components, interface and power management circuits, sensors, wireless data transmission components, etc. are usually needed. This symposium will review recent research and technologies in the above-mentioned individual components as well as the entire system design, integration and assessment.

proposed sessions
  • Feasibility assessment of energy harvester-powered systems
  • Energy storage and harvesting/storage hybrid components for energy harvester-powered systems
  • Electronics and circuitry for energy harvesting applications
  • Energy harvester-powered system design and implementation


Sebastian Bader, Mid Sweden University, Sweden,

Carlo Trigona, University of Catania, Italy,

Vikram Pakrashi, University College, Dublin, Ireland,