This symposium will include invited review talks and posters highlighting the major achievements in the field of energy harvesting. Two decades of work on energy harvesting has led to fundamental and technical advancements governing the current transitions of energy harvesting devices into variety of platforms such as structural health monitoring, IoT sensor networks and distributed energy sources. In this symposium, international researchers will be invited to provide talk on their contributions to this field highlighting the results that have made significant impact on the design of either material or structural architecture. We believe this session will provide extraordinary opportunity for young researchers to learn, meet and discuss with the senior colleagues.

Session topics
  • Advances in design of functional materials with high figure of merit for energy harvesters
  • Processing techniques to realize materials rapidly at low temperatures
  • Structural designs and energy harvester architectures to meet the requirements imposed by varying energy sources
  • Metamaterial concepts to improve the bandwidth and power density
  • Energy harvesting demonstrations and transitions

Shashank Priya, Penn State,

Clive Randall, Penn State

Armin Feldhoff, Leibniz University

Jens Tweifel, Leibniz University