This symposium will pay tribute to Professor Pim W.A. Groen, TU Delft, The Netherlands for his significant contributions to energy harvesting research with invited talks given by Prof. Groen’s former students, colleagues and collaborators. Meanwhile, this symposium will be the 7th Workshop in Devices, Materials, and Structures for Energy Harvesting and Storage that has been consecutively organized by a European energy harvesting network. European researchers with well-recognized contributions to the field will be invited to introduce their recent works, research groups and projects.

session topics
  • Advances in design of functional materials with high figure of merit for energy harvesters
  • Processing techniques to realize materials rapidly at low temperatures
  • Structural designs and energy harvester architectures to meet the requirements imposed by varying energy sources
  • Metamaterial concepts to improve the bandwidth and power density
  • Energy harvesting demonstrations and transitions

Grzegorz Litak, Lublin University of Technology, Poland,