Many technologies that power the information age are based on covalent semiconductors. Despite this success, harnessing phenomena such as magnetism, superconductivity, metal-insulator transitions, ferroelectricity, etc. (and coupled combinations thereof) for future applications requires a thorough understanding of electronic materials with varying degrees of ionicity.

This symposium will bring together scientists and engineers from academia, national labs and industry to discuss the status and the outlook for research and applications of emerging complex oxide and chalcogenide materials broadly, with a specific emphasis on the common challenges and opportunities in complex oxides and chalcogenides. Heterostructures combining oxides and chalcogenides also exhibit particularly intriguing properties and will be a focus of the symposium. Topics to be covered include a wide range of studies from theory, materials synthesis, and characterization, to devices and applications.

Proposed Sessions
  • Theoretical methods
  • Synthesis and characterization techniques
  • Oxide/chalcogenide heterostructures
  • Low dimensional systems
  • Physical and chemical properties
  • Emerging materials
  • Applications in next-generation technology
Symposium Organizers
confirmed invited speakers
  • Cyrus Dreyer, Stony Brook University, USA
  • Vincent Garcia, CRNS-Thales, France
  • Bharat Jalan, University of Minnesota, USA
  • Robert Klie, University of Illinois at Chicago, USA
  • James LeBeau, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
  • Matthew McCluskey, Washington State University, USA
  • Katrina Morgan, University of Southampton, UK
  • Seongshik Oh, Rutgers University, USA
  • Jayakanth Ravichandran, University of Southern California, USA
  • Paul Rogge, Drexel University, USA