Fractography is an art that is critical, not only to understand why a component or test specimen failed, but to improve materials and predict the life of structural components. When information from fractography is combined with fracture mechanics, stress analysis, and basic mechanical testing, the art becomes science and the puzzle of an unexpected failure can be solved.

This session invites presentations on fractography and failure analysis of brittle materials including glasses and ceramics, with the goal of improving mechanical and functional properties, reliability, and lifetime of structural and functional components.

Proposed sessions

  • SEM, TEM, FIB- and micro-tomography
  • Advanced techniques used in fractography
  • Quantitative fractography and fractal analysis
  • Fractography-based failure prediction
  • Fractography of service failures
  • Environmental and microstructural effects on fractographic features
  • New fractographic features and associated terminology
  • Glasses, monolithic, and composite ceramics