B12: Advanced Bioceramics and Clinical Applications | The American Ceramic Society

B12: Advanced Bioceramics and Clinical Applications

Bioceramics are a basic biomaterial and is one of the first applied clinical material that still enjoys vigorous development. Contemporary bioceramics, after 50 years’ development, have been expanded from traditional nearly bioinert ceramics which are mainly used for restoring the damaged tissue morphology and mechanical functions to bioactive ceramics, biodegradable ceramics, bioceramic coatings and ceramic-based composites. However, through the long-term clinical application, especially with the increase of aging population and injuries in middle-age and young people, it has been revealed that the function and life span are difficult to meet the clinical requirements. Because of the contemporary science and technology, especially the advances in medicine and regenerative medicine, bioceramics, like other biomaterials, are undergoing significant changes.

It has become the direction and frontier of bioceramic research to develop a new generation of materials which are able to regenerate, reconstruct, or enhance the bio-function of damaged tissue or organ, or can be used in minimally invasive therapy and precise treatment. This symposium focuses on the research progress and development trends of a new generation of bioceramics including the preparation technologies and clinical applications.

Proposed Session Topics
  • Bioceramics in regenerative medicine
  • Bioceramics with functions of pharmacology and tissue regeneration
  • Bioceramics coating and its bio-functionalization
  • Degradation of bioceramics and its effects on the immune system and regeneration system
  • Nano-bioceramics and their nano-biological effects and risks
  • Ceramics-based composite biomaterials and its in-situ synthesis technology
  • Advanced manufacturing technologies such as 3D printing of implantable bioceramic devices
  • Progress in clinical application of bioceramics