B13: Zirconia Bioceramics in Metal Free Implant Dentistry | The American Ceramic Society

B13: Zirconia Bioceramics in Metal Free Implant Dentistry

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In recent years, bioceramic implants have become an attractive and reliable alternative to titanium (TiO2) implants. Currently, zirconia (ZrO2) is the material of choice for the fabrication of zirconia dental implants because it demonstrates superior biomechanical properties compared to other ceramics.

This session presents current evidence-based background information on zirconia as a material for dental implants. Optimized manufacturing processes can now produce fracture-proof zirconia implants with a similar surface topography to micro-rough titanium implants. This session shows that these modern zirconia dental implants can be used as clinically reliable alternatives to titanium implants. Also, session will highlight an effective strategy to improve and develop these zirconia implants.

Proposed session topics
  • Zirconia as a metal free alternative in implant dentistry
  • Zirconia as an implantable bioceramic
  • Clinical outcomes of zirconia implant material
  • Optimizing osseointegration and mucointegration of ceramic implants
  • Economics of ceramics/ bioceramics implants