The field of light interaction with matter has attracted increased attention with advances in ultrashort pulse lasers and high-power fiber lasers, and the need to design and fabricate structures for use in low loss applications. New phenomena have been observed and new applications have been developed in which lasers are employed in diverse areas such as cutting, welding, and engraving of glass; fabrication of waveguides, gratings, micro-channels, etc. inside the bulk of glass; and most recently, 3D printing through additive or subtractive laser-assisted processing. Lasers have been shown to be versatile in other applications of phase change, in which glass or amorphous media are “converted” in a controlled way to crystalline or composites (glass-ceramics).

These advances have been realized in optical phase change materials and laser-induced crystallization as seen in the fabrication of active single crystal architecture, strengthening of glass, and other applications where knowledge of not only material, but light/matter interaction mechanism is required. This session will focus on the most recent and advanced issues pertaining to the science and applications of laser-glass interactions, such as laser irradiation effects, compositional and structural changes, dynamics, and mechanisms of laser-induced modifications.