Green energy technology is regarded as an urgent subject for human sustainability and is receiving tremendous interest. However, the developments of energy conversion and storage materials currently have critical problems that hinder their complete substitutions for fossil fuels. The problems mainly lie in the high production costs, low stabilities, and low efficiencies. Since new energy materials discovery or processing optimization works require a huge amount of time and cost, it is now becoming necessary to combine theoretical predictions and analyses in energy materials research. For accelerated problem-solving and discovery of new energy material, computational methods (first-principles, molecular dynamics, and finite element methods, etc.) have been successfully combined with experiments to make effective materials developments based on better understanding. It seems to be a good time to review accomplishments of theory-experiments combined with research in the energy materials field. This symposium intends to explore various theory-experiments and computation-experiments combined with works in energy materials research, and welcomes both computation-aided analyses on experiments and theory-guided discovery of new materials in the renewable energy materials field.

session topics
  • Solar cells
  • Electrocatalysts
  • Photocatalysts
  • Supercapacitors
  • Li-air battery
  • Li-ion battery

Heechae Choi, University of Cologne, Germany,

Sanjay Mathur, University of Cologne, Germany,