The ability to secure a long-term sustainable source of energy is arguably one of the most important challenges that humankind faces. Due to their immense potential societal value, research activity in the field of energy materials and devices has accelerated rapidly in recent years, with a number of highly disruptive breakthroughs occurring in the last decade alone. The problems this community seeks to tackle are decidedly multi-dimensional and interdisciplinary, requiring a broad set of strategies and collaboration to succeed. While progress in performance metrics of certain relevant technologies has been impressive, reproducibility, stability, and incomplete theoretical descriptions still inhibit commercial viability in many cases.

Young scientists are well-placed to play a significant role in leading these endeavors and have demonstrated notable contributions in recent years. This forum aims to highlight the important contributions made by early-career researchers in energy materials and devices. To facilitate a comprehensive debate, this forum will span various topics, both experimental and theoretical, ranging from basic science to questions on scalability and commercialization.

session topics
  • Advances in fundamental science of emerging photovoltaic materials (e.g. OPV, CdTe, CIGS, perovskites, DSSC, quantum dots)
  • Developments in efficiency, stability, and scalability of photovoltaic devices
  • Electrochemical materials and devices for energy production and storage
  • From vision to reality: scientific collaborations by young scientists on the topic of energy materials and devices leading to industry and commercial applications

Kelsey Stoerzinger, Oregon State University, U.S.A.,

Claudia Torres Garibay, Oregon Institute of Technology, U.S.A.,

Daniele Benetti, INTS-EMT, Canada,