This symposium will focus on the development of new advanced materials, combinations of hybrid nano-materials, low dimensional materials, and nano-scale devices that focus on utilizing these designer materials in the development of a sustainable future in an environmentally-friendly manner. Studies on the physical properties of advanced materials such as hybrid organic-inorganics, nanostructures of inorganic perovskites, composites incorporating novel organic and inorganic systems, polymers, and nano-structured materials will be of particular interest. The organizers welcome both theoretical and experimental studies carried out on such materials and device platforms. Under nanoscale devices, studies related to energy harvesting in areas such as photovoltaics, piezoelectricity, triboelectricity, and thermoelectricity as well as studies on nanobio devices are welcome. The organizers also welcome studies related to energy storage and sensing, including integrated system platforms suitable for the field of Internet of Things (IoT), including autonomous sensing.

session topics
  • Fundamental studies on advanced nanoscale materials for energy harvesting and storage
  • Nanoscale triboelectric, piezoelectric, and thermoelectric energy harvesting devices
  • Organic and hybrid materials systems for photovoltaics
  • Photovoltaics based on hybrid and inorganic perovskite materials
  • Novel materials and nanoscale sensor devices for wearable healthcare applications.
  • Energy storage: new materials and devices
  • Metal oxides: fundamental studies and applications
  • Integrated systems and IoT platforms: incorporation of new technologies into existing technologies and studies on combined sensors, energy harvesting, and storage systems

Dongling Ma, INRS-EMT, Canada,

Praveen Sekhar, Washington State University, U.S.A.,

Yeon Ho Im, Jeonbuk National University, Korea,

Zhou Li, University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China,