Materials with strategic importance to clean and alternative energy that may have potential issues in their supply are deemed critical. Examples abound, including rare earth elements in wind turbines and electric vehicles, indium, tellurium, and gallium in photovoltaics, and lithium, cobalt, and graphite in batteries. Competing sectors like electronics, defense, and healthcare create increasing demand for these scarce resources and lead to significant price volatility that may impact manufacturers and consumers in the clean energy sector. This symposium invites research focusing on tackling critical material issues for clean and alternative energy.

session topics
  • Criticality assessment and case studies
  • Exploration and resource estimation
  • Extraction, refining, and processing techniques
  • Recycling technology development and assessment
  • Substitution research and development

Nobuhito Imanaka, Osaka University, Japan,

Taek-Soo Kim, Korea Institute of Industrial Technology, Korea,