The scope of this symposium is focused on the additive manufacturing (AM) of ceramics and ceramic composites. AM enables the production of highly complex ceramic components that are challenging to fabricate using traditional manufacturing methods. However, current AM processes for ceramics and ceramic composites are primarily based on technologies developed for other materials, such as polymers and metals, and do not fully exploit the unique processing characteristics of ceramics. This fact limits the properties, scalability, and sustainability of ceramic parts produced using these AM methods. To address these challenges and enable wider adoption of ceramic AM technologies on an industrial scale, research is needed to develop next-generation AM processes that can fabricate ceramics and ceramic composites with enhanced properties, larger volumes, and reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions. Achieving this result requires exploring new materials, novel fabrication methods, and advanced control strategies that leverage recent advances in the broader fields of materials and manufacturing science.

Proposed session topics

  • Feedstock material preparation and synthesis, including ceramic powders, binders, sintering agents
  • AM methods, such as extrusion-based methods, vat photopolymerization, powder bed-based methods
  • New AM processes for ceramics and composites, such as field-assisted AM, hybridized processes
  • In-situ process monitoring and control for improved properties
  • Computational and data-driven approaches for ceramic AM
  • Post-processing methods of additively manufactured ceramics and composites
  • Novel applications of ceramic AM in aerospace, automotive, biomedical, and energy sectors
  • Sustainability of ceramic AM processes: reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions


Symposium organizers

Xuan Song, University of Iowa, USA,

Yiquan Wu, Alfred University, USA,

Henry A. Colorado, Universidad de Antioquia, Colombia,

Dachamir Hotza, Federal University of Santa Catarina, Brazil,