This symposium provides a broad forum for the exchange and discussion of current issues in the science and technology of glasses, glass ceramics, and optical materials in general. The symposium will cover recent theoretical and experimental advances in fundamental and applied glass sciences, novel glass and glass-ceramic synthesis, processing and characterization, structure-processing-properties correlations, and optical device development. The symposium also aims at attracting a broader audience for discussions on emerging technological applications of materials spanning over the disordered-ordered structural spectrum. Topics of interest include, but are not limited to: advanced structural characterizations of glasses, glass transition and relaxation, nucleation and controlled crystal growth in glass ceramics, atomistic scale simulations, structure-property correlations, new functionalities and novel applications of amorphous materials in general. Of special interest are materials that can be employed in integrated optical systems, specifically addressing how bulk material properties can be translated, through modern manufacturing routes, to planar and fiber form. Contributions from the academic and/or industrial segments that address recent advances and new applications are highly welcomed.

Proposed Session Topics:
  • Glass structure; from nanoscopic to macroscopic properties
  • Simulation of glass structure and dynamics
  • Novel glass formulations and manufacturing methodologies
  • Spectroscopic characterization of glasses, glass ceramics and general optical materials
  • Bioglasses and bioactive optical materials
  • Composites and doped optical materials
  • Novel optical materials for new and multiple functionalities
  • Materials for functional photonic devices
  • Chalcogenide and non-oxide glasses
  • Glass ceramic synthesis, processing and applications
  • Material manufacturing methods for new optical applications
Symposium organizers
  • Luiz G. Jacobsohn, Clemson University, USA,
  • Danilo Manzani, Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil,
  • Junjie Zhao, Corning Inc., China