The development of new ceramic materials for virtually any application field requires a detailed understanding of ceramic microstructure formation, especially the atomic-scale description of grain boundaries and interfaces. Significant progress has been made for both the atomic-resolution characterization of interface structures as well as multi-scale computational modelling of grain boundaries. These developments sparked a series of new discoveries in the field of ceramic interface science, including the mapping of varying space charge configurations, dynamic transitions between grain boundary configurations, the mechanistic description of grain growth, etc. This symposium will discuss recent advances in interface characterization and modeling, and review the broader field of ceramic interface topics with a focus on mechanistic descriptions of interface phenomena at grain boundaries, domain boundaries, surfaces, heterophase interfaces, etc.

Proposed sessions

  • Advances in interface characterization and modeling
  • Grain boundary and interface structures
  • Microstructure evolution and grain growth
  • Interface dynamics (in-situ observations)
  • Correlation of interfaces with macroscopic properties