Multiferroic materials, especially magnetoelectric materials, have received increasing scientific interest because of their rich physics and great potential applications, not only in spintronic technologies. They are just on the cutting edge of materials science. Recently, great progress has been achieved, both in composite and single-phase multiferroic materials.

This symposium provides a forum for the worldwide multiferroic community from both fields of materials sciences and condensed matter physics to discuss hot topics such as multiferroic theory, materials development, design, structure and property control, devices, systems, and possible applications. This symposium also welcomes discussions about multiferroics with unconventional couplings beyond magnetoelectric materials.

Proposed sessions

  • Fundamental issues and frontiers of multiferroics
  • Emergent phenomena: spin/charge textures in multiferroics
  • Multiferroic thin films
  • Multiferroic composite and superlattices
  • Type-I multiferroics and BiFeO3-based ceramics
  • Type-II multiferroics
  • Single-phase R-T multiferroic new systems
  • Calculations and theoretical predictions on multiferroics
  • Devices, systems, and applications of multiferroic materials
  • Multiferroics beyond magnetoelectric materials


  • Xiang Ming Chen, Zhejiang University, China,
  • Tsuyoshi Kimura, The University of Tokyo, Japan,
  • Laurent Bellaiche, University of Arkansas, USA
  • Jun-Ming Liu, Nanjing University, China
  • Ramamoorthy Ramesh, University of California Berkeley, USA