The symposium will cover recent developments in structure analysis and characterization of inorganic crystalline and amorphous materials, such as X-ray, neutron, synchrotron, and electron diffraction, electron microscopy, X-ray/neutron total scattering, vibrational spectroscopy (IR/Raman), NMR, XAFS, and related tools. New insights from in-situ or in-operando studies are of interest, as well as integration of first-principles calculations and complex data modeling methods. These techniques enable one to study not only static and long-range periodic structures, but also dynamic and short-and/or intermediate-range structures. Multi-scale characterization from the atomic to nanoscale dimensions is of interest as it is becoming more important in understanding the synthesis and performance of ceramic materials.

Proposed sessions

  • X-ray, neutron, synchrotron and electron diffraction, total scattering, and PDF studies
  • Electron microscopy and probe microscopy
  • Spectroscopy tools including X-ray (XAFS), NMR, EPR, and vibrational spectroscopy
  • In-situ time-resolved analysis
  • Structure and chemistry characterization at multiple length scales
  • Data modeling, global optimizations, statistical treatment of data


  • Scott T. Misture, Alfred University, USA,
  • Jie Zhang, Institute of Metal Research CAS, China,
  • Masatomo Yashima, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan,
  • Chunlin Chen, Institute of Metal Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China
  • Toru Asaka, Nagoya Institute of Technology, Japan