Next-Generation Materials for Multifunctional Applications and Sustainable Development, and Concurrent Societal Challenges in the New Millennium

This symposium will focus on recent societal challenges in the new millennium, including, but not limited to, energy, health, and environmental aspects. Novel materials with multifunctional applications are needed to shift current materials research paradigms and bring forward solutions to some of today’s biggest problems. Young scientists are well placed to play a significant role in leading these endeavors, and have demonstrated notable contributions in recent years.

This symposium will bring together young researchers and scientists from around the world to discuss new approaches and challenges in materials synthesis, providing a platform for intensive exchange of ideas, knowledge, and networking. Young researchers, including students, postdoctoral researchers, young professionals, and early career researchers are invited to join this event.

Proposed sessions

  • Energy: advances in fundamental science of emerging energy materials including 3rd generation solar cells, photodetectors, fuel cells, batteries, solar fuels production
  • Environment: sustainable materials, CO2 capture and storage, water treatments, and membranes and filters for air treatment
  • Health: diagnostics (imaging, sensing, and assays) and therapy (drug release, light-based photodynamic, and hyperthermic approaches) towards multifunctional theranostics
  • COVID-19: materials for virological studies and their disease diagnostics
  • Alternative synthesis approaches for advanced functional materials, including green chemistry, low-temperature, and sustainable use of resources and recycling
  • Innovative manufacturing technologies, including green manufacturing and additive manufacturing
  • Advanced glass-based materials for laser sources and non-linear applications
  • Technology development and entrepreneurship, from laboratory to industrial scale
  • Computational materials prediction and design toward new functional materials
  • Global networking—Challenges and chances: Young scientists, accomplished scientists, and thinkers are invited to influence the career development of young professionals
  • Young Investigator Forum speaking contest (PowerPoint karaoke)
  • Poster awards