International standards bodies are defining the new sixth generation (6G) communication standard. 6G promises to build on the millimeter-wave (mmWave) foundation of 5G by pushing operating frequencies to frequencies above 100 GHz. As operating frequencies push higher to achieve 100 gigabit data rates and latencies around a second, current technologies are migrating from monolithic circuits to heterogenous packaging that leverage new materials and technology. Manufacturers need new materials and to understand the physics at interfaces to tackle 6G challenges. These challenges provide new opportunities to advance fundamental materials physics in phase transitions, loss, transport, and physical models.

In this symposium, we kickoff a discussion between worldwide experts from academia, government labs, and industry to identify how ceramics can help. Presentations and discussions will address technical challenges and insights across a wide range of topics, ranging from materials-by-design to proof-of-concept device development, all of which are relevant to a diverse application space. The broader impacts of this symposium will facilitate innovations in mmWave technology.

Proposed sessions

  • Industrial telecommunications materials
  • Devices and applications of millimeter wave materials
  • Materials design, growth, and synthesis
  • Microwave and millimeter wave measurement science

Symposium organizers