Magnetic materials have been used for thousands of years for navigation. Now, this ever-growing field enables countless technologies including information storage, sensing, transportation, communications, and biomedical applications. To meet this critical demand for new and improved technologies, today’s challenges require approaches that transect multiple disciplines and require a collaborative approach.

This symposium covers a broad range of topics related to magnetism, including low-dimensional phenomena, high frequency dynamics, sustainability of materials, novel applications and other related areas of interest. Specific topics include synthesis and characterization of nanomaterials and composites, modeling at multiple length scales, microwave or mm-wave materials, spintronics devices, magneto-ionics, magnetocalorics, and rare-earth-free permanent magnets. Relevant work spanning theory, synthesis, and characterization of new materials and phenomena is welcomed for submission to this symposium. The goal is to create an interdisciplinary forum where stakeholders from academia, industry, and national laboratories can discuss cutting-edge research to foster new collaborations to further advance the field of magnetism.

Proposed sessions

  • Magnetism in low-dimensional systems: nanomaterials and composites, skyrmions and other topological phenomenon, 2D magnetic materials.
  • Multiscale modeling of magnetism: first principles calculations, micromagnetics simulations, finite element analysis, high-throughput evaluation of materials (both computationally and experimentally).
  • High frequency magnetic phenomena: spintronics, microwave materials, ultrafast switching and other magnetization dynamics.
  • Sustainability in magnetics research: rare earth-free permanent magnets, materials recycling and other novel synthesis processes from waste products, low temperature or other energy efficient processing methods, green technologies
  • Novel applications of magnetic materials: magneto-ionic transport, magnetocalorics, magnetoresistance, quantum magnetic phenomena.

Symposium organizers