This symposium will provide an international interdisciplinary forum for scientists and engineers from academia, industry, and national laboratories to present the latest advances in ferroic oxide materials. Complex oxides offer an extremely wide range of properties not observed in conventional metals or compound semiconductors. In these correlated materials, new emergent phenomena may arise at intrinsic homointerfaces, such as domain walls.

This symposium will focus on interdisciplinary topics related to the physics, materials science, and engineering within the field of ferroic oxides, domains, and domain walls. The topical list reflects materials needs and challenges within the field, with emphasis on synthesis, ferroic domain/domain wall architecture–property correlations, and exploratory devices. Speakers will span the breadth of these interdisciplinary topics in order to accelerate understanding and development of materials and heterostructures to enable new functionalities for (multi)ferroic oxides.

Proposed sessions

  • Magnetic, ferroelectric, and multiferroic films and ceramics
  • Synthesis of ferroic oxides
  • Structure and defects, structure–property relationships
  • Domain and domain walls
  • Theory and modeling: domain structure and evolution
  • Materials integration and applications: rewritable electronics using domain walls, computational devices, sensors, transducers, actuators, and medical devices

 Symposium organizers