This symposium focuses on recent advances in new semiconductor materials and interfaces that will enable novel optoelectronic and photonic devices, power electronics, high-frequency electronics, and photovoltaics, all of which will enable paradigm-changing technologies. Topics of interest include wide-band-gap oxides for high power electronics; strong light–matter interactions in chalcogenides; heterointerfaces of traditional semiconductors with functional oxides; stable and all-inorganic perovskites for high-efficiency solar cells; rational design of new functional semiconductors; control over defects and dopants; advances in synthesis, theory, and modeling; and characterization.

This symposium will provide an international and interdisciplinary forum for researchers with expertise in theory and modeling, synthesis, characterization, and device fabrication and measurements to discuss key challenges and opportunities in these emerging semiconductors.

Proposed sessions

  • Wide bandgap and ultrawide bandgap semiconductor thin films and heterojunctions
  • Chalcogenide semiconductors with novel optical and electrical properties
  • Stable, all-inorganic perovskite semiconductors
  • Integration of functional oxides with semiconductors
  • Control over dopants and defects
  • Rational design of functional semiconductors
  • Advances in synthesis

 Symposium organizers