The presence of internal interfaces can have a dramatic effect on materials properties. This symposium brings together both experimentalists and computational scientists who are interested in exploring grain-boundary “phase” (complexion) transitions and their impact on boundary kinetics (e.g., mobility, diffusivity, complexion nucleation) and associated thermomechanical properties (e.g., hardness, thermal conductivity). A list of current topics would include, but is not limited to, thermodynamic descriptions, complexion diagrams, complexion nucleation mechanisms, experimental characterization of complexions, complexion modeling, the impact of complexion transitions on materials properties, and complexion engineering.

 Proposed sessions
Experimental characterization of complexions

  • Complexion modeling
  • Complexion engineering
  • Complexions and thermomechanical properties


Jeffery Rickman, Lehigh University, USA,

Jian Luo, University of California San Diego,

Timothy Rupert, University of California, Irvine, USA,