The symposium will broadly cover the advances in current and emerging superconducting materials from both fundamental and applications perspective. Overall, we intend to cover the rapid progress made worldwide in both fundamental understanding and application of superconducting materials, and bridge fundamental research and device performance/applications for superconducting materials.

The fundamental focus of the symposium is materials discovery, synthesis, and advanced characterization of new superconducting materials; theoretical and experimental understanding of the superconducting and normal state properties of novel superconductors; their interaction with charge, spin, orbital, and lattice order parameters; and developing new material/devices (such as topological superconductors) and superconducting electronics (such as quantum computation) to enable emergent phenomena and new functionalities. The application aspect of the symposium is to promote transition from basic science to technology deployment, where we will focus on the fabrication of superconducting wires, tapes, thin films, devices, and superconducting multilayers and composites toward large-scale, energy-relevant technology applications, including high-power transmission, energy and information storage, THz and GHz electronics, and processing technologies.

Proposed sessions

  • New superconductors, unconventional superconductors, and related materials: Synthesis and properties
  • Superconductivity and competing phases: theory and advanced characterizations
  • Low dimensional and topological superconductors
  • Tailoring superconducting and correlated materials for applications
  • Superconducting electronics and devices: nanoscale to large scale applications

 Symposium organizers