Session 1: Raw Materials, Batch Melting, and Fining (TC18) | The American Ceramic Society

Session 1: Raw Materials, Batch Melting, and Fining (TC18)

In modern glass making, glass manufacturers must carry out careful selection of their raw materials and ensure that their batch is properly converted into a melt, followed by efficient fining. Each of these steps is essential to the production of glass articles with good quality and free of defects, and can also have a significant impact on the production costs of the glass. Raw materials, batch melting and fining are critical components of the glass production and improvements and innovations on these topics are a strong driver of the glass industry.

This session welcomes both fundamental and applied contributions related to raw materials selection and alternative raw materials, batching strategies, batch melting kinetics and thermodynamics, as well as studies on fining of glass melts. This session is organized by the ICG technical committee TC18 – Glass Melting.

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