Session 11: Fiberglass (TC28) | The American Ceramic Society

Session 11: Fiberglass (TC28)

Glass fibers play a critical role in renewable, green energy generation and in energy efficiency improvement because they are important materials used in wind power systems (turbine blades) and thermal insulation applications (glass wool fibers). Besides their practical usages, glass fibers are also of scientific interest for being in a state far from equilibrium in contrast to the annealed state of glass, plus their significantly higher surface areas.

This session will address both scientific and technological problems for both continuous and discontinuous (wool) glass fibers. Interdisciplinary topics of the session will include: Fiber glass microstructure; relaxation behavior; fiber spinnability; melt rheology; mechanical properties; fiber surface; chemical durability; biosolubility; high-temperature stability; thermal insulating behavior; fiber spinning technology; special compositions; process modeling and controlling; fiber recycling; and composite design.  The future trends of the fiberglass science and technology will be also discussed.

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