This session is devoted to advancing our fundamental understanding of crystallization in glasses and its application in glass-ceramics and related materials. The symposium will cover experimental, analytical/characterization, as well as numerical/modeling aspects of nucleation and growth in glass-forming materials. Topics to be covered include, but are not limited to, the following.

  • Theoretical, simulation, and experimental studies of nucleation and crystal growth in glasses and liquids
  • The role of glass composition, structure, and nucleating agents on crystallization
  • Phase separation and its role in influencing crystallization
  • Novel methods and characterization techniques (ex-situ, in-situ) to understand crystallization
  • Modeling and simulation techniques to elucidate crystallization and glass-forming ability of liquids
  • Crystallization phenomena in organic and metallic materials
  • Novel processing techniques for glass-ceramics
  • Microstructure/property relationships in glass-ceramics
  • Predicting glass-ceramic generation
  • Applications of glass-ceramics