Session 2: Glass in Healthcare (TC04) | The American Ceramic Society

Session 2: Glass in Healthcare (TC04)

Bioactive glasses have been used for bone regeneration since the 1980s, but recent years have seen a growing interest in applications into wound healing, dental remineralization or targeted delivery of therapeutic ions. This session addresses biomedical glasses composed of silicate, borate, and phosphate compositions, melt-derived, so-gel and mesoporous glasses, as well as preparation of three-dimensional architectures such as scaffolds, particles and fibers, including nanomaterials, coatings and composites.

Topics to be covered include but are not limited to: compositional design of glasses for biomedical applications; characterization and modeling of structure and properties; interactions of glasses with the biological environment; applications in regenerative medicine and tissue engineering; glasses and glass-ceramics in dentistry; hybrids and nanoparticles for therapeutic use; and commercialization and manufacturing of bioactive glass products.

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