Innovations in glass-based photonics have revolutionized a wide range of technologies in integrated optics, including both passive and active optical devices. The advancements of glass in photonic and electronic devices continue contributing to the reform of information technology. This session invites latest development in these exciting areas spanning fundamental materials properties, novel devices, and system-level applications of glass photonics in photonic integrated circuits and fiber optics.

Topics of interest include:

  • advanced glass-based optical technologies for long-haul to short-reach communication
  • applications of innovative glass-based optical devices and architectures, including but not limited to, waveguides, fibers, optical interposers, diffractive optics, thin-film optical coatings, and integrated photonic systems
  • phase change materials for nonvolatile electronic and photonic applications
  • novel oxide and non-oxide glass compositions and fabrication technology for light guiding, emission and nonlinear signal processing
  • advanced glass fabrication and integration techniques for integrated optics

Session Organizers