Glass surfaces remain an enduring area of scientific and technological challenges for applications of glass. New approaches to understand and customize surface and interfacial behaviors with glass modifications and value-added coatings represent a critical direction for the future of glass. This session will focus on surfaces and interfaces in glassy and film-related systems, with a scope that includes fundamental studies of intrinsic glass surfaces, structure–property relations at surfaces/interfaces, innovations in glass surface characterization, novel methods for modifying surfaces, emerging concepts around functional coatings on glass, and properties of glassy/amorphous thin films. Featured as well in this session will be a continuing series of tutorial talks on surface characterization techniques, highlighting detailed analysis of glass surfaces and thin film systems, and coupled with panel discussion of tricks, tips, and pitfalls common to the study of glass surfaces.

  • Nick Smith, Corning Inc., USA,
  • Seong H. Kim, The Pennsylvania State University, USA,