Session 5: Glass for Buildings and Transportation | The American Ceramic Society

Session 5: Glass for Buildings and Transportation

Glass is indispensable in architectural and vehicular design.  How will glass science and industry respond to the technical requirements of tomorrow’s smart buildings, autonomous cars and advanced aircraft, and will glass remain compatible with future sustainability requirements? This session will consider the fundamental aspects of glass making and use in building and transportation industries.

Topics of interest may include:  Issues and opportunities with glass use (building façade, building interior, vehicles); future of glass in autonomous vehicles (e.g., electromagnetic radiation attenuation); aesthetics and optical quality including color and distortion; coatings on glass; color design and color control for glass and coated glass; challenges in glass making including energy efficiency and raw materials; fabricated glass quality and processes; thin glass in architecture and transportation; glass strength (surface flaws, chemical tempering, thermal tempering); surface chemistry (corrosion, storage, cleaning, marking, water management); and sustainability in production and use.

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