Session 7: 3D Printing of Glass and Rapid Prototyping | The American Ceramic Society

Session 7: 3D Printing of Glass and Rapid Prototyping

Traditional manufacturing and prototyping is continually evolving to include faster, cheaper, and more customizable methods as a result of changing demands and technological advances.   Additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, is revolutionizing this industry by providing cost-effective, agile, customizable solutions in record time.  Materials of the most interest include polymers and metals, while others such as composites and biomaterials are advancing rapidly.  Glass and glass-based materials provide exclusive value to traditionally printable materials, including unique temperature, chemical, and electrical properties and are a highlight to the overall value 3D printing provides.

This session invites abstracts pertaining to the research, development, and application of glass 3D printing and rapid prototyping as it relates to forming practices, glass quality, and material properties, as well as studies on fundamental theories within.

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