Session 7: Photosensitive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics | The American Ceramic Society

Session 7: Photosensitive Glasses and Glass-Ceramics

This session covers photosensitivity in a broad range, investigating the materials interaction with electromagnetic radiation and how the radiation changes the materials properties. Traditionally UV wavelengths have been utilized to induce, for example, colorization, refractive index and density change and crystallization by addition of elements sensitive to the radiation which upon illumination and subsequent heat treatment induces the new properties. Another well-known field is photochromism, where the additions of elements forming the needed silverhalide crystals induce photochromic behavior in certain glass compositions. Similarly solarization is the unwanted colorization of a glass or glass ceramic due to short wavelength radiation interacting with the material.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: New photosensitive glasses or glass ceramics; understanding the underlying radiation-material interaction phenomena; new ways to utilize existing photosensitive materials or new devices enabled by photosensitivity.

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