Energy Application

Symposium 1: Ceramics for the Hydrogen Economy

Symposium 2: Electronic and Ionic Materials for Energy Storage and Conversion Systems


Symposium 3: Nano4Neuro - mechanisms and materials for next generation computing

Symposium 4: Oxide quantum materials: synthesis, properties, and applications


S5 – In-situ/Operando Characterization of Nanomaterials

S6: Two-dimensional quantum materials: synthesis, theories, properties, and applications

Additive Manufacturing 

S7: Additive manufacturing for power sources in electronics

S8: New Frontiers and Science in Additive Manufacturing of Ceramic Materials

Complex Oxides

S9: Data-driven and model-supported structure-property relationships in complex electroceramics

S10: Structure, dynamics, and functionalities in high-entropy and compositionally complex oxides

S11: Complex Oxide Thin Films and Heterostructures: From Synthesis to Strain/Interface-engineered Emergent Properties


S12: Advanced Semiconductors and Microelectronics

S13: Defects and Transport in Ceramics


S14: AI in materials research: from data analysis, autonomous experimentation, to human-AI cooperation

S15: High-Performance Computational Design and Discovery of Electronic Materials


S16: Controlling Grain Boundary Structure, Chemistry, and their Network as a Function of Material Processing

S17: Emerging Semiconductor Materials and Interfaces

S 18: Characterization of Structure–Property Relationships in Functional Ceramics

Emerging properties- Magnetic/Superconducting/Ferroic

S19: Frontiers in Ferroic ceramics: Synthesis, Properties, and Applications

S20: Magnetic and Superconducting Materials: From Basic Science to Applications

Special Topics

S21: Failure: The Greatest Teacher

S22: Advanced Electronic Materials: Processing Structures, Properties, and Applications