Fulrath Award Abstract 2018 – Shibata | The American Ceramic Society

Fulrath Award Abstract 2018 – Shibata

Atomic-scale understanding of ceramic interfaces by advanced electron microscopy

Naoya Shibata, University of Tokyo, Japan

Understanding the atomic-scale structures of surfaces and interfaces is essential to understand and control the mechanical and functional properties of ceramic materials. Recent advances in aberration-corrected scanning transmission electron microscopy (STEM) have made possible the direct characterization of localized atomic structure and chemistry of ceramic interfaces with unprecedented resolution and sensitivity. Moreover, using segmented/pixelated type detector, direct atomic-scale imaging of electromagnetic field structures inside materials and devices is also becoming possible. In this talk, the current status of aberration-corrected STEM along with some applications in ceramic interface studies will be reported. I would like to discuss how these atomic-resolution STEM techniques can help us to fundamentally understand the atomic-scale structures and related properties of ceramic interfaces.