Journal Publishing Workshop 2024

Journal Publishing Seminar:
Writing to be Published

live and in-person at icacc, EMA, and future meetings!
To be cited your work must be read. To be read it must be found and it must be compelling. To be found and compelling it must be written to be understood by people and search engines, and submitted to the appropriate journal. 

Writing well is key to getting your work published, discovered, read, and cited which are all critical to career advancement. An important function of the American Ceramic Society is helping you gain knowledge and experience to help you grow as a researcher.

Your writing journey begins well before putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboards.  Of utmost importance is understanding how your work fits the aims and scope of journals you are considering. Misalignment is the top reason for manuscript rejection.

Once you decide on your first-choice journal, your manuscript must be written to meet both universal and journal-specific expectations. Some of these include authoring titles, abstracts, introductions and conclusions to appeal to three groups: editors, the target audience, and indexing service bots.

Come join our journal editors to discuss success factors for getting your manuscripts published.

The seminar at ICACC 2024 was held Monday January 29. All are welcome to download the presentation slides by clicking here

The seminar at EMA 2024 is being held Thursday February 15 at 12:45 PM  in the Hilton Hotel Colorado A meeting room.  Lunch will be provided, but you MUST PRE-REGISTER BY FEBRUARY 8, 2024. 

Those who do not pre-register are welcome to attend the seminar, but we will not be able to provide a meal. Rather the hotel offers takeaway food for sale and there are outside food options close to the hotel.   

  • Future seminars are in the planning stages. Please let us know if you intend to plan to attend these other shows.  

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Can't attend our meetings?
Feel free to view our virtual workshop.  Downloading the worksheets will help you with the exercises.

Please download the workshop materials (Microsoft Word™ format) by clicking on these links. They are presented and discussed during the workshop.

Worksheets for Writing to be published, found, and read

Editors responses to workshop exercises